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First name:   Eric
Age:   24
Figure:   163 cm / 45 kg
Hair/eyes:   black/brown
City:   Lima
Country:   Peru
Native language:   Spanish
Gender:   Male
Marital status:   Single
Children:   --
Job:   Administration
Education:   Middle
Foreign languages   English (very good)
Portugese (very good)
Desired partner:   18-60 years /
My partner can have children
loyal, passive, selfconfident, optimistical, honest, friendly, athletic, romantic
My name's Eric and I'm 21 yo (I look younger :P ). I'm a well educated guy looking to settle down. I'm from Peru (Latino) I like travelling and sports, specially tennis. I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. I can do almost anything except dancing x) (I'm willing to learn though) I'm a bit shy, but I'm a very romantic guy who loves nature and is always happy.
Priorities in relations:
Sex: --
Common hobbies:
Common friends:
Priorities in your life:
Meeting with friends:
Get new experience:
Zodiac sign  
What is the aim of your advertisement?
- Travel
- Serious relations / marriage
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