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First name:   Roselyn
Age:   34
Figure:   153 cm / 50 kg
Hair/eyes:   black/brown
City:   Caloocan
Country:   Philippines
Native language:   English
Gender:   Female
Marital status:   Single
Children:   --
Job:   Free lancer
Education:   Middle
Foreign languages   English (good)
Spanish (some)
Desired partner:   30-40 years /
My partner can have children
creative, loyal, curious, selfconfident, attentive, sexy, fond of animals, sociable, quiet, humorous, active, tolerant, honest, friendly, athletic, realistic, fond of children, shy, ambitious, intelligent, romantic
I am looking for someone who is very positive and love's life. Someone who likes movies, theater taking long walks with good conversation. I enjoy learning about people and trying to make a connection. In other words, I am looking for my soul mate, if there really is such a thing, someone who understands how I feel and I understand how they feel. I like a man who is in control of them self and can easily make decisions, someone with a strong personality who is able to keep me on my toes. Someone who is strong but romantic who can make me melt before their eyes. I am looking for trust and honesty in a person. Someone who has a mind of their own but is able to give and take in a relationship. Someone who can share creative ideas in a discussion and agree to disagree if necessary. So don't be shy and let's finally meet, because who knows, you could be missing out on everything you have been waiting for in a romantic ang long lasting relationship. :)
Priorities in relations:
Common hobbies:
Common friends:
Priorities in your life:
Meeting with friends:
Get new experience:
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What is the aim of your advertisement?
- Fun
- Travel
- Friendship / acquaintance
- Serious relations / marriage
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