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First name:   perry
Age:   37
Figure:   162 cm / 48 kg
Hair/eyes:   black/black
City:   manila
Country:   Philippines
Native language:   English
Gender:   Female
Marital status:   Single
Children:   Daughter (2 years)
Job:   --
Education:   --
Foreign languages   --
Desired partner:   30-40 years / 170-180 cm
My partner can have children
visionary, loyal, curious, selfconfident, sympathetic, sexy, fond of animals, sociable, active, friendly, shy, ambitious, intelligent, romantic
im perry valisno, 30 years old... single mom.. first and for most if you want to meet me to fool around please dont dare to hook me up because i am here to find serious and lasting relationship.. its hard to trust someone whom you've just met through internet but if i can see that your purpose is pure you are very welcome to meet me, be my friend and who knows.. my partner in life. i have 2 years old daughter very sweet and charming so she is my first priority, its like loving me and loving my daughter as if shes your own.. that will make me very happy.. i dont want to compromise her to introduce her to someone who will not value her the way she should be treated. its because if this man will broke my heart im sure he will break my daughters heart also..and thats what i am avoiding.. so please if your intention is pure you are very welcome.. just be true to me.. because i am one hundred percent sure that if im going to love this man.. i will loved him with all my heart.. im not young enough to play games.. or just to have a boyfriend.. i want more stable serious relationship.. i want a partner in life who will lead me all through the way.. someone whom i can trust and someone who will value me, my daughter and my family as well.. i hope so.. this time.. its worth trying for :)
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- Serious relations / marriage
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