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First name:   Stephan
Age:   27
Figure:   180 cm / -- kg
Hair/eyes:   brown/brown
Country:   Germany
Native language:   German
Gender:   Male
Marital status:   Single
Children:   --
Job:   --
Education:   --
Foreign languages   English (--)
Desired partner:   18-20 years / 160-170 cm
loyal, selfconfident, sympathetic, fond of animals, humorous, active, honest, friendly, athletic, ambitious, intelligent
Priorities in relations:
Harmony: --
Trust: --
Sex: --
Common hobbies: --
Common friends: --
Priorities in your life:
Sport: --
Meeting with friends: --
Family: --
Clothes: --
Disco/cinema/theatre: --
Travelling: --
Get new experience: --
Zodiac sign  
What is the aim of your advertisement?
- Travel
- Friendship / acquaintance
- Serious relations / marriage
Contact process:

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