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First name:   rhea
Age:   34
Figure:   162 cm / 52 kg
Hair/eyes:   black/brown
City:   san juan
Country:   Philippines
Native language:   English
Gender:   Female
Marital status:   Single
Children:   --
Job:   Employee
Education:   High
Foreign languages   English (very good)
Desired partner:   25-40 years /
My partner can have children
creative, loyal, selfconfident, sexy, humorous, honest, friendly, athletic, intelligent, romantic
here i am looking for someone i wanna be with for the rest of my life not in the near future but in the soonest possible looking for someone honest and responsible to start a family with..I like to give myself 100% to someone and look for someone who wants to do the same. I cherish the time I spend with someone and can enjoy doing just about anything with them if they are happy doing it. It's not about what your doing, but who your doing it with. searching for love has been a mystery for me, ive been told that if i want love, i have to search for it,some said, i have to wait, but human as we are, we need someone more than just a companion, we need someone who could complete us, many have found it so easy, and many have lost it in just a snap...even you have to search or to wait..3 things are important..once you have it? 1. risk everything 2. anticipate pain and 3. endure whatever it brings..
Priorities in relations:
Harmony: --
Sex: --
Common hobbies:
Common friends:
Priorities in your life:
Meeting with friends:
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What is the aim of your advertisement?
- Serious relations / marriage
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