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Confident and with humor

Practical tips for contacting:

"Confident and with a little humor"

In all our warnings of exaggeration - don't put your light under a bushel. Maybe you have some weaknesses. But surely you also have many positive qualities, that makes you fascinating and incredibly interesting for another person. Believe in yourself!

And now bring a little humor into the game. It can not hurt and will probably present the initial tension. It is usually good if you're describtion is not only in the most dazzling colors, it's good if you can smile with a twinkle in the eye over yourself.

One last important point: Many singles long after brooding on whether to write to someone they think is great. You think you don't have any chances have with him or her? Why the hesitation? What's the worst that can happen to you ?

The person is not interested in you. Can happen, and now?     There are so many other singles......

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